Anna and Vasilis got married in Athens on a beautiful sunny day. They have been known each other since they were kids and that is why they can almost communicate by looking in each other’s eyes. Who could have known that after so many years, they would get married and share a life together!

The photo shooting embraces the urban landscape as well as the natural beauty of Nafplio and portraits the youthfulness and the careless spirit of the two. The duality of the landscape perfectly captures the city of Nafplio as a whole. The intimacy and the love of the young couple is captured by the camera, while they are wandering around the city and the Natural landscape. Spontaneity and simplicity are the basic characteristics of the wedding and the photo shooting, which reflects the unique relationship of the two. Best of wishes for your married life!


Makeup artist Theoni Stravokefalou • Hairstylist Hairgoals by Anna Vouzouneraki • Wedding dress Karaververis • Floral design & decoration Smeouro • Invitations Prototypon