Stavroula & Theodoros, wedding in Vorres Museum


Stavroula and Theodoros chose a wonderful venue to celebrate their love on this special day. The Vorres Museum is a Greek Modern Art Museum and a place that combines creativity and natural beauty, with the exhibitions and the stunning green garden. The architecture of the building added an artistic tone to the session and created a magical place for the couple. The bride was wearing a unique wedding dress and she was more beautiful than ever! The lovely hair style by Alexandros Parisis was one of the important details to complete the bridal outfit. The groom was always smiley and cheerful enjoying every single moment of the wedding. 

The pre-wedding photo shooting was held at Stavros Niarchos Foundation, where the couple became familiar with my shooting style. This session helped them be more comfortable in front of the camera during their wedding day and enjoy the ceremony. The quite emotional wedding ceremony was held at the old but pretty and small church next to the museum and the after-wedding party lasted until late at night with family and friends dancing together. 

The two of them were very natural in front of my camera lens and even after the shooting, I could not tell if they were following my instructions or they were just following their own instinct and feelings. Nevertheless, they were very comfortable, they strolled around the museum, laughing and hugging each other. Experimenting with the natural light and the natural beauty of the garden, as their wedding photographer, I try to capture the elegance and the emotions of the couple in the most creative way. 

Best of the wishes to this amazing couple!


 Makeup artist Rosa Vakondiou • Hairstylist Alexandros Parisis • Wedding dress Stylianos • Groom’s attire • Floral design & decoration • Wedding Invitations & Wearths Prototypon • VenueVorres Museum